Akademy BR: Hacking with unknow friends

This is the end of the first day at Akademy – BR.  I met Tomaz, a guy that I already know ( just by mail and jabber ) and worked with me for
the last couple of months. At night we had a dinner and he started to talk how he pushed me to start KDE development.

I started using Qt 4.5, and one day  while I was looking for a tutorial or examples I found a text from him and his blog. I see something that I was thinking to implement by months, but never had the know how to do it: A Grpah IDE, the “Rocs” project. Programmed in C++ and using JavaScript for interaction! I think in that moment I had to know more about both. ( Tomaz and Rocs )
Time passed by, Live Blue was founded, and after FISL I decided to talk to him about how great Rocs was to me, at that moment I had a lot
of work and just followed kde-br list in read-only mode.
A few days passed, and I compiled Rocs and did some tests, reporting bugs as I found them, and asking for a few improvements, but no code
was made. I was still green at the time.
In december I said to tomaz that I was going to write some example scripts to be shipped with Rocs for tutorials and demonstrations, then
I found a bug using infinite loops inside of the script:  It froze the app. And what a end user should do when he finds a bug in the program? Report it! Well, in the next day there was an answer from tomaz in my e-mail:
“Do not fill a bug report if you can solve the bug.”
Well, that was a real needed spart to get me started developing Rocs. In the same day we talked about the problem and in a couple days I
send my first contribution to KDE.
So , today during breakfast,  i finally met the guy that sparkled-me to KDE Development. For now in Aka-BR we are hacking Rocs to solve some issues and also making some improvements.
I also met many others great people that helps kde each day, that I was used to see their names and texts in blogs and mailing lists,
let’s see how they look in real life. Keep tunned to news about Akademy-BR.


One Response to Akademy BR: Hacking with unknow friends

  1. nice work mate…

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