Lovelace feelings

The coolest thing about  Akademy was that ( besides being able to socialize with people I knew only by e-mail ) I discovered that extreme programming really works, which that in mind we began developing a cardgame – a Bohnanza clone (Tomaz’s idea ). The plan now is to put it into and finish it. The group that are developing it ( Me, Francisco, Taiane and Victor ) are using it to learn and improve the Qt Knowledge. and we are also open to anybody that wants to contribute ( and help the project ). The work yielded much more than if we had stayed at home coding / studying alone.

In an unrelated note, the we ( Aracele, Taiane, Yasmin, Jordanna, Amanda and Me ) are also starting an movement inside Brazil to gather more woman contributing to KDE, and establishing a group of Woman within KDE ( brazilian Users and Developers ).

So we create the KDE-Lovelace –

The group is beginning with collaborators of kde-promo and programmers that want to use their free time to help KDE, and also to share a bit of time to help newcomers that doesn’t know how to start. The idea is that the group will grow between novice and experienced users to help pump KDE in Brazil and everywhere, no matter what you have between your legs. The space is made to help shy or intimidated woman, so they will know that there’s a space where their doubts will be heard and worked out by other woman, without the fear of a unconfortable joke. we are not here to try to prove that woman are better than man, but to simply help and gather more girls to the project, in a friendly help the project and more girls to the project.

We do not want to be a feminist group of users, but a group to increase collaboration with KDE.  How do we want do this? Showing that woman’s place is in IT, through the  blog,  by talks at events of the community, By talks and lectures in events ( like Akademy ) and through social networks like / twitter.

Inside the KDE Project we have a considerable amount of woman, and very well treated, they can guarantee you that, but few know about their activities and contributions to free software.  Here we will show what the veterans have done and how beginners can become active contributors :)


Sobre Camila San

3 Responses to Lovelace feelings

  1. jospoortvliet says:

    Big points for you and the other girls for doing this, great work! Once the wordpress site is up and running and you’ve gathered a few writers and followers, make sure links to the site make it on the KDE websites, wiki’s and other locations!

  2. Good news! Eager to see the game =D, and congratulations on starting that movement. Supporting gender balance in technology is a very worthy goal in my opinion.

  3. Uwe says:

    Is your Bohnanza project just a fun-way to learn new stuff or do you intend on actually releasing it as a playable game? Maybe even playable via multiplayer over the internet? ;-)

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