Clustering plugin runnig in Rocs


As final paper in my graduation, i’m doing a survey in many clustering algorithms. Nothing better than visualize the results to find problems and take an overview of how ‘beauty’ is a solution.

To do it, i initially uses a interface build from scratch. But after today i will can do more than just overview the solution and some data like time taken, values of distances, i will start to interact with the result, doing analisys over the history of Solution construction. To make it possible, i write a first beta Rocs’ tool plugin that run my algorithms (writen in C++ because of speed thing).

I made a little video to show it running.

(sorry no .ogg for you :) )

This show the capability of Rocs that can be used to run algorithms that demands the velocity of C++using plugins and interact with the result with scripts.

To do it, i have made my personal classes to represent a graph and algorithms that uses its classes. So, my plugin is just 2 functions: one to convert Rocs’ graph format to my graph format and other to update Rocs’ graph from the solution of my algorithms.

Soon, i upload the plugin with algorithms and also make a tutorial of how you can do you very own plugin!

P.S. This plugin will not be shiped with Rocs :(


One Response to Clustering plugin runnig in Rocs

  1. Tomaz says:

    VEI aEHauehuaehuae
    vocÊ tá fazendo coisas que eu não sabia que era possivel com meu proprio app =PP

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