Release Party KDE 4.6 at Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil

We met day 26 of January, the day of the release in Pinguim Bar at Porto Alegre.

You can see pictures on KDE-BR flickr:


KDE at Pinguim :)

It was pretty cool, I met personally who I knew only by email. We talked, exchanged some ideas, talked about KDE (and I realized that some people still compares KDE 3 to 4), about our Planet in Portuguese, Qt and random subjects.

There were people from various places: Érico, from Bagé (the other side from Rio Grande do Sul), Pedro from Natal, Rio Grande do Norte, Julia, from Salvador, Bahia, which is already producing artwork for KDE-BR. There was only one person from Porto Alegre, the rest is “migrant” or are thinking about “migrate” to POA:) And there are users and those who want to start collaborating with KDE and/or resume old projects, like Huberto :D

The good thing is that more people attended than the last Release Party, a few months ago. I hope to meet more new users/contributors in the next release ;)


Sobre Camila San

2 Responses to Release Party KDE 4.6 at Porto Alegre – RS – Brazil

  1. anonymous says:

    Uhh I wish I would be in Brasil and finally learn (or at least to act the clown) some samba in a real atmosphere. It is soo cold and nasty weather here at Germany atm. :-/

  2. Andras says:

    The second from left is Huberto, right? Hi from Andras! :) I hope one day I can go back to Porto Allegre and meet you guys & girls!

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