Umbrello – some results [GSoC]

Hi Folk!

Here I am, after a while discovering that to work from home is not to everyone, that below your pillow you can find a engagement ring ( = and wondering why QMenu::popup needs receives like parameter type a QPoint instead of QPointF (Is it only in my silly mind that QPointF would make more sense? Am I forgetting something about Qt? Considering that QGraphicsView works with real coordinates).

I am working now in the widgets, so for now, you can see the BoxWidget and the ListPopUpMenu in the “new canvas”, bellow to the “old canvas”.

The video is not so good…so please, check out the repository:

After the evaluation time, my mentor, Jonathan Riddell, and I decided to use skype to improve our interaction :-) and my work.

And with this, my list-to-do just increases:

– make popup menu work
– implement drawing other types of widgets on class diagrams: boxwidget, class, interface..
– mouse press event
– drag and drop events

cya …

Desktop Summit


Sobre Camila San

3 Responses to Umbrello – some results [GSoC]

  1. jmaspons says:

    Is there any plan to improve the Entity-Relationship type diagram? Currently it lacks many features and it don’t follows the notation standards (at least my known standard :P).

    Thanks for your fantastic job!

  2. Noughmad says:

    What’s wrong with working from home? I’m participating in GSoC as well, and I’m loving it so far.

    And a big thanks for improving Umbrello, it’s really a useful program apart from its crashes.

    • Camila San says:

      For all my life I’ve been working going to the job’s place and talking to people every day, and I am missing it, just it. Otherwise, it is good to work from home, confortable…etc ;-)
      and thanks, I hope to give to the community a good software to work with UML =)

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