Rebooting at Randa


Since LaKademy post, many changes happened, i will not tell you ALL my life, but here some points related to KDE and FLOSS. You can jump to my small resumé or directlly to Randa part if you want ;-)

First, here in Brazil, almost all universities and federal institutes (a kind of tecnical school) was at strike until some weeks ago. This mean that i still giving the class about development practices and now i am using the Rocs all days on the data structures class (we are talking about graphs);

Second this week (yesterday), i sent my master’s thesis. Now i have one less ‘worry’ and is just one more step (i must defend it in about one month) to get my master’s degree \o/

And the last one, at FISL ( i met some old friends from kde-Brasil (Filipe, Sandro, Tomaz, Diogo, Melissa,…), Knut from Qt (this is the 4º year in a row that we met, and this year he dance a lot :-D ). Off course that i don’t forget about new faces, some designers (Iaina, Viviane, Julia and Bruna), Sebas, many new faces from Brazil (Daker and his crowed talk, André Loureiro) and many others. And how i will forget the Konqui? (and yes, i cannot resist to became Konqui)

Enough of personal experiences, let’s talk about KDE. :)

Just a small background about my life and KDE relationship

I start to colaborate to KDE in 2009. In 2010 i participated the GSoC. In 2011, my master’s course starts to take more time and i began to work as Professor at UNIPAMPA. I contribute very little that year.

This year i am back. I made a new plugin to Rocs (rooted tree data structures), fix some crashs and i still trying to involve my students with KDE or FLOSS (there is just one JJ in Nepomuk fixed until now. They are also contribuing to other small FLOSS projects). But, i feel that i can do more. Now that i finished my thesis, i will have more time to work on KDE. I want to revive the KDE-RS (our local group, an arm (or finger) of KDE-Brasil), give more talks about ‘How KDE and FLOSS can help the students in thiers homework’ and some talks in elementary schools about how the teachers can use all the power of our softwares (just a small point, here in Brazil, almost all school have labs running KDE, an ancient version 4.4, even 3.5 in some cases, but still being KDE :) ). We did that courses to teachers las year, was great and kde on windows(tm) was very helpfull (teachers isn’t used to Linux). To do this, i need to review my priorities. Used to be Master’s degree, now i want to Focus KDE again, and not only in Rocs, i want to spread my wings.

Randa meetings

To those that are arriving from Moon today and don’t yet read the news, friday starts the Randa Meetings 2012. As you can read in all these other blog posts, Randa is a SMALL village sorrounded by mountains, isolated from the outter world (but we will have internet access. It’s Magic! In my city, internet is a luxury :( ). One place like Randa is wonderfull to do intelectual work (like hack and planning).

I will attend to Randa this year, and it will be GREAT. First because it’s my first sprint outside Brazil (it’s not my first sprint, i participate from Akademy-BR and LaKademy). I will meet peoples that i only have contact by internet. I will know more about others KDE projects by it’s own authors, what is good if you want to fix a bug or even start to help the projetct. And last but not least, i will know europe (at least it’s airports :) )

I have some plans to do in Randa, most related to Rocs, other to kde-edu module:
-Create a ‘non-gui’ mode (or cmake target) to run batch tests in Rocs;
-Create a comparation framework to help professors to evaluate students works;
-Fix the annoying crash in Rooted tree (‘I hate my life’);
-Separate dynamic properties to use new type system. (create new type of property: ‘Global in Type’, or a better name);
-Verify with ‘kde-edu’ers, the unmaintained projects;
-Know more about others projects

The title of this post is what i’m felling. I will reboot at Randa and start a new upgraded system :)

This post was to be wrote some weeks ago, but i had many activities to do before leave to Randa (we are at and of semester on university so tests, works, many doubts from students,…). But, i love my life (i’m looking at you, Sebas :p )

As final word, i want to thank Mario and other organizers for theirs great job organizing this Randa Meetings, and also to every one that colaborated (or that will colaborate) with our Pledgie. You still have time to donate, so if have conditions, please support the KDE Hackers to enhance our so loved KDE.


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