The future is coming on.

Well, after being robbed in the beginning of the semester, I think I’m ending this time in a great way, cause…

Akademy 2010

In two days I’m going to cross the ocean and meet all that people that I’ve used to read the blogs and talk in IM. Me and Amanda (KDE-MG and KDE Lovelace), are going to talk about the Women in KDE and KDE Lovelace, with others girls, like Lydia (Amarok) and Anne Marie (KDE – Edu) and Seele (KDE – EvKDE – Usability).

I am looking forward for this meeting to exchange experiences and learn more and more with all the crowd that are making the KDE getting better every day.

In these 10 days I’m planning also to get up to date in the new Qt technologies that are popping up like QML, while being there at Akademy, I will be blogging here and in the KDE-Lovelace blog, and in july, in the FISL (International Forum on Free Software) me and Amanda (again!) will be talking about our experience with free software, about the news from Akademy and how the women have been working for KDE and how can you do that too!

cya =)

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