Umbrello in GSoC – just a quick update

What did I do?

I was working on the view (UMLView) and in the scene (UMLScene) and I tried to separate the methods between two classes, one only to handle the events in the scene (UMLScene) and another to handle the diagrams (Diagram). That’s what you can see in the repository now:

And untill now I am trying to reuse the code from the first try to port Umbrello.

What am I doing now?

To test the “new view” and the “new scene” I need the widgets. So I am working on the UMLWidget and the WidgetBase.

The next weeks:

I need to catch up my tentative timeline in the next two weeks. So I can finish the port, to work in new things for Umbrello ( work on better stereotypes supports and complete Undo/Redo support) and then start to write tests.

The longest semester I’ve ever had.

After a loooong semester…with very good news and very bad news too, I think I survived (again), and here I am to try to tell you in a few words what I’ve been doing.

In november, KDE Brazil was present at VII Latino American Conference of Free Software, where I gave a talk: “KDE needs you: how to start to contribute” – you can see pictures here.  Just a few days before Latinoware started, in some KDE e-mail lists I asked for specific suggestions where the people can start to help. And some people suggested intersting links for newbies to check out and pick something to do for KDE:

Besides that, Aracele and me are putting some efforts into translation KDE Techbase and Userbase into Portuguese. So we already translated some pages, but still there is a lot of work…so If you speak portuguese, know english, and want to improve your knowledges of english and KDE, you’re welcome to help us! That’s a good way to start to contribute =)

And code? With the Millian‘s help I also fixed some bugs in my plugin for Quanta and I just implemented a few features, as you can see in the screencast below:

And the people here in Porto Alegre are already organizing the FLISOL 2011 (Latino American Festival of Free Software Installation), which I am involved with. I’m making plans for a talk. and making plans for a talk. So if you are near here and want to help or to give a talk, contact us or you can also organize a FLISOL in your city ;)

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