On the 9th of april, all over South America people organize the yearly FLISOL (Latino American Festival of Free Software Installation). I helped to organize the local meet in Porto Alegre, just a few blocks from my home. We had a few talks and an install fest, all happening in the Sindbancários (Bank Employees Union).

The first talk was about the Web Mind discussing a natural language code generator. Yes, a tool which can turn common portuguese into code. It works very well and if you’re interested, check out: http://www.thewebmind.org/

After that it was our – Jos and me – turn to talk – an openSUSE and KDE talk. I would translate live (one hour in the stage looks like two!) and do my own part directly, of course. The kittens in Jos’ presentation had the usual funny effect and despite having to simplify things a bit compared to the usual audience, we managed to keep people awake. Jos complained he’s used to talking to people “who know the difference between up and downstram”, looks like he has to work a bit on his presentations-to-newbies skills.

A few other presentations happened like Arduino (with moving pieces of hardware, yay). While lots of openSUSE DVD’s and folders were given out only a few computers were ‘turned over from the dark side’. At the dinner afterwards we complained that linux distributions have become too easy to download and install, taking away the fun (and challenge) of installing linux at InstallFests.

And for the very first time at FLISOL, in other room, we had two Dojos (a meeting where a bunch of coders get together to work on a programming challenge) – using Javascript and Ruby. The Dojo happens every month or so, and the programmers were happy to see some talks and to program at FLISOL as it provided a welcome distraction from the usual meet.

With all that, we had some nice results:

* 323 people signed up
* 120 attending (the second biggest FLISOL at Porto Alegre)
* more than 200Kg of food collected (to give to a support organization for the homeless)
* 7 technical talks
* 2 coding dojos

You can check the pictures here and here :)

bye ;-)

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