The longest semester I’ve ever had.

After a loooong semester…with very good news and very bad news too, I think I survived (again), and here I am to try to tell you in a few words what I’ve been doing.

In november, KDE Brazil was present at VII Latino American Conference of Free Software, where I gave a talk: “KDE needs you: how to start to contribute” – you can see pictures here.  Just a few days before Latinoware started, in some KDE e-mail lists I asked for specific suggestions where the people can start to help. And some people suggested intersting links for newbies to check out and pick something to do for KDE:

Besides that, Aracele and me are putting some efforts into translation KDE Techbase and Userbase into Portuguese. So we already translated some pages, but still there is a lot of work…so If you speak portuguese, know english, and want to improve your knowledges of english and KDE, you’re welcome to help us! That’s a good way to start to contribute =)

And code? With the Millian‘s help I also fixed some bugs in my plugin for Quanta and I just implemented a few features, as you can see in the screencast below:

And the people here in Porto Alegre are already organizing the FLISOL 2011 (Latino American Festival of Free Software Installation), which I am involved with. I’m making plans for a talk. and making plans for a talk. So if you are near here and want to help or to give a talk, contact us or you can also organize a FLISOL in your city ;)


Sobre Camila San

5 Responses to The longest semester I’ve ever had.

  1. Vlad says:

    looks great! I can’t wait to begin using Quanta 4 for web development. I’ve been using kate & a browser for a while now since I moved to KDE4.. which has certainly improved my memory of HTML and CSS, but I would prefer to return to an actual web IDE


  2. Serge says:

    Nice done, Camila.
    Thank you for your great work and marry Christmas!

  3. trebor says:

    It’s great to know that someone (except Milian) is further working on Quanta. Thanks :-)

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  5. akreuzkamp says:

    I’ve just built Quanta and I was confused not to see your preview-plugin.
    Why is this plugin still not integrated in Quanta?
    I’m looking forward to seeing it there.

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